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Here is our step-by-step guide...


Double click ‘OpenVirtualSTEM’ icon on your computer and the following screen will appear.



Click on the Edit button below.


STEP 3 (Creating the Game):

A rather empty form will appear. In this from, press the button ‘Pocket’ to insert 4 pockets, one on each side


What is OpenVirtualSTEM?

OpenVirtualSTEM brings you exciting new ways to use the context of gaming relevant to kids.

STEP 1: Double click ‘OpenVirtualSTEM’ icon on your computer and the following screen will appear.

Then continue inserting the red, yellow, blue, black, cue ball, pink, brown, and the Cushion which is optional, until you have filled the table with enough bouncing balls.

Before continuing Press Save to save your activity and enter an appropriate location and file name, then click close.
: the file will get the extension .ntn. All files created with OpenVirtualSTEM will have that extension.

Next Press load to load the game, open the file you just saved.
Click on the Launch button and press the spacebar


You have now finished your first game. As you can see, it was not very difficult. Even though you know how to play the game at this stage, somebody else might not. To provide some help for all players go to STEP 4

STEP 4 (Playing the Game):

This is how the table view looks once you have inserted all the snooker ball colours onto the above tables’ editor. For example, go back to STEP 3 and in the same way add Sprites for the red, blue, and brown, black, pink, blue and the cue ball to the table, otherwise, proceed to play the snooker game as shown below:


At this stage you could click the ‘Launch’ button below, to play snooker game, otherwise proceed to STEP 5 to continue with an example of opening an existing snooker game.

Then press the ‘space bar’

STEP 5 (Opening an existing Game):

In this section, to see an example of a prepared table click on the ‘Open’ button. In the Educational examples, double click the file Frame.ntn. (If you do not see the folder educational examples you should navigate in the folder where OpenVirtualSTEM was installed.)


STEP 6 (Testing, Collision):

In this section you would learn how basic physics can be applied into the snooker game by sliding the buttons to show variations in Collisions’ from STEP 5

Did you see any difference when targeting the cue ball to show double, equal, and third mass with perfectly inelastic (equal mass) - if they hit the Cushion (wall) they should bounce back? Do the balls move in different directions? If not, you probably either did not make the cushions solid or you did not create the correct Collision event.

How it works can be found within the educational folders, by loading the following files: (Perfectly elastic - double mass.ntn); (Perfectly elastic – equal mass.ntn); (perfectly elastic – third mass.ntn); and (Perfectly inelastic equal mass.ntn)

You have now learned about the most important elements of OpenVirtualSTEM: sprites, objects, events, actions and rooms with physics & maths in programming and computing. For more physics information, go here: www.open-engineering-solutions.co.uk